Part 1: Hide-and-seek

“Three... Two... One... Ready or not, here I come!” You turn around, and in the past ten seconds all your friends have managed to disperse themselves out of your sight. It looks like a city-wide game of hide-and-seek is going to be much harder than you expected! Nonetheless, you are determined to do your best. “Where would be good places to hide in the city?”, you wonder aloud, coming up with... more than just a handful of great places to hide. No time better than now to get started! You begin walking the streets of the city, stopping by buildings, parks, alleyways, and establishments of all sorts, peering into them to find your friends.

Several hours go by, and you eventually manage to find most of your friends! It seems that most of them got bored while waiting for you to find them and started walking around the city on their own, eventually meeting you.

“That was so tiring! I don't think we should ever do that again,” you turn around to tell your friends, who are following along behind you. But as you look at your friends, you realize that someone is missing...

Part 2: Lost!

“Where's Waldo?!”

You panic as you realize that you've forgotten all about Waldo! Your other friends look around, quickly also growing visibly worried. You can't end the game until you've found everyone.

You already knew that Waldo is more than just an amateur hide-and-seek player. To find him, you and your friends will probably have to take a more targeted approach – you'll actually need to figure out where to go to look for him.

Part 3: On the hunt

It seems that Waldo WENT BACK TO THREE SCENES from his original book. As you go searching around the city for which scenes Waldo went to, you realize that Waldo has left a trail of puzzles for you in order to help you find him! Well, that wouldn't be a problem for a puzzle master like you, would it?

After visiting so many locations around the city, you start to think about where this could all lead to.

Part 4: Not done yet...

After having searched for him long enough, you piece together the locations where you found puzzles and figure out that he went back to the three scenes Fairground, In Town and On The Beach. Surely, he has to be at one of those scenes, right?

You and your friends split up into three groups, each going back to a different scene. However, when you meet up again, you all realize that it was all futile – Waldo wasn't at any of those places! Instead, in each scene, he left you one segment of a drawing he made. After some work, you and your friends manage to piece together the drawing. It then dawns on you... – another puzzle?!

Part 5: Where's Waldo?

HAS ANOTHER PLACE TO RETREAT TO? What does that mean?” You and your friends are all tired, but it seems like the journey is almost over. There's only one place Waldo could be...

Part 6: AT HOME!

You and your friends rush to Waldo's house, only to find him sitting on his couch, in his classic red-and-white-striped top, awaiting your arrival with a spread of food and drinks. “Finally! You all must be hungry. Come in!” Waldo stands up and exclaims, clearly excited to see you.

“You see, there's no better place to be than AT HOME, especially in these times...” Waldo trails off. You take off your mask, and put it in your pocket as you pick up some popcorn and sit on the couch. “Rather than walking around the city outdoors, I thought it would be safer for all of us to hang out indoors, at my place!”

Of course, all this sounds reasonable at first thought. But eventually, the gears start turning and you realize...

“Hold on, why did you send us on a wild goose chase outdoors then? All this time, you could have just told us to come over!”

“Oh.” Waldo mumbles, scratching his head. “Er, I guess I could've. I didn't think of it, I guess?”

You sigh. That's what you get for having puzzle fanatics as friends, you suppose.