Solution: School

Written by aki

This puzzle consists of two parts - a series of chemical reactions and a series of blanks. The first step is to identify what the chemical reactions represent. Equations 3, 8 and 10 are likely to be the easiest ins, from which we can identify that the LHS of the reactions are deconstructed logos of famous educational Youtube channels (ordered alphabetically). The flavor image also clues this, as it is itself a deconstruction of the Youtube logo (a right-pointing equilateral triangle on a red rectangular background).

Reactant 1Reactant 2ChannelProductYoutube Video
Eye¼ brown, ¾ blue pie chart3Blue1BrownWindmillThe unexpectedly hard windmill question (2011 IMO, Q2)
GearRound-bottom flaskCGP GreyHexagonsHexagons are the Bestagons
Red appleC2Crash CourseAmerican RevolutionTea, Taxes, and the American Revolution: Crash Course World History #28
Green hexagonTwo leavesKhan AcademySpringsIntro to Springs and Hooke’s Law | Work and Energy | Physics | Khan Academy
Orange squareMMathologerFuturamaThe parity of permutations and the Futurama theorem
OmegaPMinute PhysicsBellsBell’s Theorem: The Quantum Venn Diagram Paradox
Red agarConcentric circlesNileRedTraffic LightRecreating the Chemical Traffic Light Reaction
Brown parchment paperπNumberphileQueenThe 8 Queen Problem – Numberphile
Head with brain looking leftRed neon light stripSmarter Every DayMotocrossThe Physics of Motocross – Smarter Every Day 30
Blue circleVeVeritasiumButterflyChaos: The Science of the Butterfly Effect

After identifying all the Youtube channels, we move on to identifying what the products represent. Here, there are many easy ins such as equations 1, 5, 7 or 10. We find that each product represents a particular video (which are what Youtube channels produce, and further clued by the flavor image product being a clapperboard with a graduation cap) from the corresponding channel. In particular, the word that each picture represents appears verbatim within the title of the video being referenced. (Some of these channels have multiple videos containing the clued word(s), but it is always possible to find the correct video based on the blanks below.)

After identifying the videos, we fill in the blanks at the bottom, which are ordered alphabetically by video name. Punctuation is provided, and both numbers and letters are to be filled in. Once this is complete, we are asked to extract two sets of strings, denoted by the blanks from A1 to A63 and B1 to B59. Once extracted we obtain the strings


With these cluephrases, we are able to iterate what we did in the first part of the puzzle and observe that these cluephrases also reference two videos from educational channels.

Reactant 1Reactant 2ChannelProductYoutube Video
Yellow circleBlack E2Economics ExplainedWhy becoming a 8 society is a terrible ideaWhy becoming a CASHLESS society is a terrible idea
Empty backgroundRed TEDxTEDxLeading and 8 Mark Smith TEDxMSVULeading & COACHING | Mark Smith | TEDxMSVU

Due to the lack of images, the format for the reactions is slightly different from the previous reactions in the puzzle, but nonetheless retains the same basic idea and we are still able to identify the precise video referenced by each reaction. Once identified, we extract the words in the video title which was replaced by the corresponding number of letters in the equation, which tells us the type of teaching this school seems to provide – CASHLESS COACHING!

Author's Notes

For solvers who regularly watch edutubers, did you have that eye-roll moment of “I should totally have seen this sooner” once you understood what was going on? Let us know! (Our internal testsolvers want to know.)

Due to the extraction of a word from the video titles, it was necessary to give the entire video title as part of the final cluephrase equations to indicate which word to extract. Of course, in this case, solvers can simply search for the RHS of the cluephrase equations verbatim without identifying the channels first. However, I decided that this was fine because by this point in the puzzle, solvers would have already gotten the aha, so forcing solvers to spend more time searching up educational Youtube channels would not be productive or interesting.