Refreshment Stand

You take in the wild smells of what the stand has to offer. As you decide what to eat, you hear a voice go, “ungh… I can’t make food without my ingredients... can you help me link the right paths to pick them up?”


Refreshment Stand puzzle grid
  1. It is eaten by an animal with a bushy tail.
  2. A fruit used to make red dye.
  3. It has durable fibers.
  4. Produced by avians.
  5. A plant used to make blue dye.
  6. It is used to make cakes and sweets.
  7. It is found in trees and loved by small birds.
  8. A plant that grows in the mountains.
  9. A plant that conducts electricity.
  10. A mushroom used to make orange dye.
  11. It is made by cows.
  12. A seasoning developed in scorching climates.
  13. This type of mushroom is small and rare.
  14. It is juicy and found in the desert.
  15. A grain that grows well in wet regions.
  16. Clan members love this.
  17. A thorny plant.
  18. It can be obtained from small-sized mammals.
  19. It can be obtained from certain medium- or large-sized mammals.
  20. It has very sharp pincers.
  21. A seasoning obtained from the sea.
  22. Can be exchanged for a diamond close to the desert.
  23. A quiet flower admired by royalty.
  24. Its cap glows at night.
  25. A plant farmed for its leg-strengthening properties.
  26. This flower grows on rock faces.
  27. A grain that grows in the plains.
  28. It grows out of cacti.
  29. A plant used to strengthen clothes used in snowy weather.
  30. A fruit that grows well in the cold.
  31. It grows near trees and can make rubber more protective.


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