As you watch the riders, you notice that one seat on each merry-go-round is marked.

Forcibly escape (5)

Lab substance (6)

Disinfectant and preservative (1)

Judicial trials (5)

Making pursuits (7)

Fascist footwear (1)

Highway bridge (6)

Stories with a moral (5)

Mathematical operation (5)

Dive like a Merry-Go-Round (4)

Scorekeepers (6)

Removes blockage (4)

Archaic term for forming by interweaving (7)
 Jewish pilgrimage festival

Headless nail used for shoes

Relating to an old science

Into the Earth

Surrounding with a circular flower arrangement

Casual and relaxed

Switching tracks

Sunflower root vegetable attributed to Jerusalem

To harvest wool

A tool for removing shoes by cowboys

Start of the spread of COVID-19, for example

Long-necked ducks

Of the mind
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