Media Studio

A sign reads “___ ___ : ___ ___” (2). Woman holds a dog in her hand, while a stranger pets a dog. Dog barks. A brief scene showing many dogs. A dog runs to the edge of the fence, digs briefly, and crawls under. Dog runs across the farm. Dog opens the farm door. Dog sits in front of a stall, and paws his front legs towards a Clydesdale. Horse and Dog share an intimate moment. Dog barks. Man comes and picks up the Dog and walks away. Horse stares at Dog being carried away. Dog looks back towards the unseen Horse. Man passes Dog back to Woman. Woman shakes her head. It is raining outdoors. Man is polishing a saddle, when Dog reappears. Man shows up at the door to return Dog to the Woman. Dog tries to crawl under the fence again, but gets stopped by the Woman. Woman carries Dog to a random stranger. Dog gets placed into a car. Horse perks its head up. As the car drives away, the Dog paws at the car window and howls. The Clydesdale jumps the fence. Dog barks. Other horses perk their heads up. Clydesdale neighs, and gallops after the car. Stranger looks in the mirror and sees the horse, before slamming on the brakes as 4 other horses show up in front of the car. Man is stacking hay when he hears horses whinnying, and turns around to see Dog with 5 horses. He picks up Dog and laughs. Dog barks and jumps around happily, in front of the Clydesdale, as Man and Woman watch.

Someone riding a bicycle cycles past. A man is sitting on the front step, and Big Bird walks past. They have a chat. A neighbor pokes his head out from the window. Big Bird and the man walk down the street. A woman grabs a to-go bag. The sign at the shop named “___” (1) is changed to “come in we're open”. Big Bird and the man walk past, and past a chef with a pushcart “Spatulas”. Big Bird and the man walk past a pharmacy and place a bottle in a bag, before passing a restaurant where the chef is making a mess, to the horror of a customer. Cookie Monster eats a cookie. The man grabs a flower and hands it to a woman, before passing an empanada shop, a smoothie shop and a mom and pop shop. Grover grabs a smoothie, and then flies in the air while slurping the smoothie. Big Bird and the man pass another restaurant, before returning home.

Beckham Jr. is talking to ___ (1). ___ passes the ball to Beckham, who touches down. Beckham spins the ball, and turns around. The two players start dancing. Two people watch from the sidelines. ___ jumps in the air, and Beckham laughs. ___ continues dancing, and is joined by other players, and everyone starts dancing. Beckham sighs, and ___ motions for him to come over. Beckham runs towards ___, who lifts him up into the air.

Man is in the backyard, when he turns around to see a dog pawing at the ground. A tag is seen on the ground, and the dog is pushing the tag downwards. The man turns to see a Missing Cat poster. He turns around, and is taken aback to see the dog right in front of him. The dog stares at him. The man nervously looks down. The dog pushes a packet over towards him, with a note that reads “___ ___ ___ ___” (10).

Somebody to Love plays. A man opens the back of the truck and lets some sheep down. Sheeps are bleating. Man lets a dog into the front of the truck. Truck drives away. Sheep start singing. 1 sheep starts bleating. Other sheep fall silent. The man is back. A sheep nibbles at grass. The man presses the ___ ___ ___ (1) button, and lets more sheep down. The dog barks. The truck drives away again. The sheep continue singing.

A banner reads “___ ___ ___” (4) with a date underneath. Many people are walking around, some entering the venue, others leaving. Zooms in on 3 metal detectors, where people are being checked as they enter the venue. As a man steps through the metal detector, a heart lights up and the metal detector beeps. Someone picks up a car key. Multiple people are shown being led by a security guard to a room marked security. A video plays in the room with a woman talking. The woman gets up, and a door opens. The same woman and a man enter the room. Different people are shown in the room hugging each other.

A couple presses a button to take an elevator. The elevator arrives, and an elevator operator greets them. They enter the crowded elevator. The elevator operator presses a button for them. At the first stop, a woman exits the elevator, where a dentist is looking at an x-ray, with an assistant sitting beside him. At the second stop, a man exits the elevator to a crowded courtroom, where a man stands up and glares at him. The third stop shows a crowded airplane, with people stuffing their luggage into overfilled bins. A woman is shown blowing her nose and a man is laughing at his electronic device. A woman exits the elevator looking horrified. At the fourth stop, a teenager leaves the elevator, where a man is sitting on a bed talking. At the next stop, a woman shows off food prepared, and a man bows. Another woman has her hands up, while a man gags. At the next stop, many cars are shown in front of a car salesroom, with many huge banners and streamers all around. Right below the “BIG SAVINGS” sign in the middle is another sign with a larger font reading “___ ___” (7). There seems to be some misunderstanding, and the elevator door closes again. The door reopens to show a clean room with a single car in it. A woman walks up to greet the couple leaving the elevator.

Woman 1 floats in the water, and puts on her swim goggles. Phone rings. Woman 1 starts swimming. Woman 2 picks up a phone. “___ ___?” (2) Voiceover continues. Woman 1 swims through a hospital. A little baby is in a crib. Woman 1 continues swimming. A house is shown, where a little girl is shown walking around with prosthetic legs. The little girl puts on goggles. A locker room is shown, where Woman 1 swims past. The girl dives into the water. Woman 1 is still swimming. A guy cheers her on. A crowd is cheering her on. Woman 1 touches the wall first. Woman 2 smiles.

A media studio is shown, where 2 presenters are at the table. One presenter points out a stain on the other’s shirt. The other presenter walks out. He walks to a man and talks to him, who points at his phone. He walks past a crowd, where a man offers him his shirt. He jogs out onto a crowded football stadium. The big screen zooms in on him. A football player gets tackled. A security personnel speaks into his walkie talkie. The man gets onto a golf cart and drives out of the stadium. He drives onto a highway, with a variable-message sign in the background reading “___ ___ ___ ___” (3). A car drives by him, with everyone in the car laughing and smiling at him, with a woman taking a picture of him. A crowded airport is shown, with everyone's notification informing them about the man. A Japanese fish market is shown with 2 men looking at a television and laughing about him. 2 boys are shown in a bedroom lying on the ground, where one of them takes a photo of a man and uses a red marker to color in the stain. A huge vehicle comes up behind the golf cart, and he swerves off the road to avoid it, crashing through the bushes and into the yard of a house. A man opens the door. A white shirt is shown in the washing machine. The 2 men watch a show with deer.

A boy is shown at the beach, with an O-ring around his waist. He is having a drink from a bottle using a straw. A girl is building sandcastles behind him. He is continuing to drink, and the liquid level in the bottle decreases. He is struggling to drink every last drop of the drink. A woman sits up and looks confused. His sailor hat crumples. The last few drops of liquid are shown. His ears shrinks, followed by his head, then he gets sucked, headfirst, into the bottle. The bottle bounces off the O-ring and onto the sand. The little girl looks curiously at it. She picks up the bottle and tries to get him out, with a message on the screen reading “___ ___ ___ ___ ___” (1).

Google: how to not forget? Shows search results. Zooms in on “to repeat a detail”. Google: show me photos of me and my wife. Man hugging Woman, and Man going on a trip with Woman. Man laughs. Uses Google for Alaskan City, and gets the result ___ (4). Woman smiling at camera, with Man holding a fish. Man hugging Woman. Man and Woman dining together. Woman laughing. Man and Woman together with a field in the background. Casablanca plays. Google shows Man what he told Google to remember. Man chasing after Woman who is riding a bicycle. Girl is shown on a bed with a baby. Woman kissing Man.

An old man is talking, with a woman in the background. The woman comes over to look at something. A computer with the website and the words “___ ___ ___” (1) underneath. The old man starts screaming.

The sun is setting, and some items are flapping in the wind on the fence. Boots are done, a shirt is zipped, a man leaves a trailer. A racetrack in the middle of nowhere. The man continues walking, towards a red car. A white car pulls up, and a man steps out of the car, and they look at each other for a brief moment. The man enters the red car and starts the engine. He does laps around the racetrack in reverse. He comes to a stop, and exits the car, young again, and his name tag reads “___ ___” (1). He is greeted by a crowd of fans clamoring to get his autograph. He smiles, and continues driving.

Man is holding a packet of ___ (5) in his hand, and closes the door. He reaches into the packet and pulls something out, holding it out for a dog in the yard. The dog runs towards the door. The man continues tempting the dog. The dog starts charging at the door. A woman sitting on the couch shakes her head. The dog continues charging, the man continues teasing. The dog crashes through the door, completely knocking down the door, and the man falls underneath the door.

A shot of the outback. A cowboy is riding a horse in the distance. He passes underneath a signpost “___ ___” (2). The man rides into a town, tipping his hat. He faces off with another cowboy. Something is seen on a barrel. Alternating close up shots of both cowboys. The 2 cowboys have a dance-off. The cowboy mounts his horse and continues dancing, and the other cowboy concedes.

A phone goes off. A light turns on in a bedroom. A man wakes up and picks up the phone. He washes his face and kisses his wife. He drives off in a car. He drives across a bridge and reaches a building with the word “___” (3) in red. He enters the factory, where there are goods being prepared. A team is at work. The pressure drops. There are many cans of the same product being produced. Water pushes through a turbine. More goods are being produced. Workers using forklifts move the finished products around. Trucks pull out of the factory. The man is eating food with his wife, and the television shows the product being passed out as part of disaster relief efforts.

A black and white photograph of soldiers crossing a river. A black and white photograph of a protest with a banner “___ ___ ___ ___” (4). A black and white photograph of a USA flag on the moon. People attending a funeral. Firefighters with flames in the distance. Oklahoma City bombing. A member of the press wearing a gas mask. A man reporting in a yard. A man with flooding in the background and a helicopter overhead. A man with a tank in the background. A man walking with trees in the background. A woman with an eye patch. A man with a candle in the foreground. Zooming out on the Statue of Liberty.

A bank. Security footage shows masked men running out of the bank. The car parked on the sidewalk outside gets towed away. The men unmask, and look distraught. They start jogging away, past some police cars. They reach a public parking lot, where they get into a red car, leaving behind a bag of cash. A confused person walks up to what was presumably his car to find only the cash. The men drive across town, trying to leave the police cars behind them. There is a helicopter overhead. More police cars show up behind them and give chase. They manage to drive past a junction just before a bus approaches, blocking the police cars behind. They get stopped at a police roadblock. They put the car into reverse, and somehow manage to evade the police cars behind them who make way. The news headline reads “___ ___ : ___ ___ ___ ___ ___” (8). At a bar, people are watching the news showing the car chase. They get on the freeway. News continues reporting on the story. People have signs cheering on the car. They hit a police roadblock, but somehow manage to weave their way through the cars, and get away.